1. Maintain Website: Cost is about $120 a Year, cost could be higher but we have a member who maintains the website for free. the $120 goes to the hosting company


2. Merchandise: For procuring products to be sold on the website.


3. Charity Work. i.e. $250 a Year is put towards a Scholarship.


4. Subsided Event fees: A Paid UAADFW member gets a subsidized fee of events like, Dinners, Tours and travels.


5. Need basis: This is limited to, Burial of a Close relative (Mother, father and Immediate siblings), Marriage. The Limit is $250.


6. Events: The money helps is Organizing get together events like dinners, cocktails, picnic, Conventions etc, there is usually a need to book a Hall, Pay Musician, DJ’s etc in advance, and membership money help is fulfilling that


7. Miscellaneous: printer, binders, rims of paper for Office of secretary and Transport/Fuel for Chairperson to do UAADFW work.

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